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Complaints are handled carefully, verifiable, consistent and within a reasonable time.
Heeneman & Partners (HP) will, in providing her services and her acting, take into consideration in a maximum possible way the interest of all relations in a careful matter. Despite this there is still the possibility that you, being a relation, are not content with the service provided or the acting of HP.

HP places great value on the careful and transparant treatment of complaints of relations. Complaints of relations will be dealt with according to this code.

Filing a complaint

It is of the essence that a complaint will be reported as soon as possible. The longer you wait with doing so, the more difficult it will be to collect all information necessary to orderly take the complaint into consideration.

Complaints can be reported by letter or per e-mail:

Heeneman & Partners Afdeling klachtbehandeling Buitenveldertselaan 106 1081 AB Amsterdam Tel. +31 (0)20 22 70 222

By reporting a complaint you need to describe the complaint, mention your name, address and phone number (and possibly your e-mail address). This information and the correspondence because of the complaint, will be registered by HP.

Processing a complaint

Your complaint will be dealt with by a complaint manager. The objective is to reply on every complaint within ten working days.

When it is to foresee that a complaint will not be replied on within ten days, the complaint manager will report you and mention the reason of the delay and within what period a reply will take place. This period will not be longer than six weeks.

In order to process the complaint, the complaint manager might ask you to provide further information. After the complaint internally is discussed in consultation with the management of HP and the complaint is reviewed comparing your arguments, then the complaint manager will inform you by a letter with motivation about the point of view of HP.

Your reaction

If you do not agree with the point of view of HP, of course you can respond on that. The response has to be with the complaint manager of HP within six weeks. He will again and in consultation with the management of HP review your response. Your response will be replied in the same way as described above. If you did not respond within six weeks you will be deemed to be in agreement with the opinion of HP.

Potential further procedures

If the exchange of views has not let to a for you satisfactory solution, you can then go to the civil court.


On request of a relation a copy of this code will be sent.


Contact info:

Buitenveldertselaan 106 1081 AB, Amsterdam

Tel. +31 (0)20 22 70 222

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