Heeneman & Partners

Venturous investing with Craftmanship.

Heeneman & Partners structures and manages property investment funds.
Heeneman & Partners is focused both on private and institutional clients.

Heeneman & Partners was founded in 2009. We are a team of nine professionals, specialized in investing in real
estate with an entrepreneurial view. In addition to determining the strategic policy, our management is very much
involved in the day to day operations. The personal engagement with our investors makes us distinctive. As an
independent fund developer, we initiate, structure, manage, analyze and select property investment funds. We
also carry the complete administrative, commercial and technical management of these property funds. Investors
can be both private and institutional investors. At this time, Heeneman & Partners has investments in supermarkets,
shops, houses and special real estate.

Fund Management

Heeneman & Partners is able to provide the fund management of all sorts of (property) investment funds both for private and institutional investors. This could be funds structured by Heeneman & Partners (or one of the associated organizations), but also funds of third parties.

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Property Management

Heeneman & Partners is able to provide the property management for all property asset classes both for private and institutional investors.

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Sustainable Investments

We select, develop and distribute investment products with a focus on sustainable energy, because we recognize that in the current market the chances and opportunities are there. This can be done both domestic as internationally.

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